An Organic Whole of All & Everything

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Publisher: 5th Dimension Publication
Genre: Science and Spirituality
ISBN-13: 978-1542493390
ISBN-10: 1542493390
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: January 12, 2017
Language: English
No. of Pages: 308 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches
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About the Book
The central idea of this book is the Science and Art of spiritual evolution based on the synthesis of the Fourth Way, Hindu-Sufi Spirituality and Modern Sciences into an organic whole of the spiritual and material aspects of both, man and the universe.

It formulates a step by step road-map and an overall yardstick for understanding, verifying and applying esoteric knowledge in one's own evolution.

This book also presents the work material on its so far least explored dimension, that is: (1) the intrinsic nature of Inner Three Forces; (2) practical meaning of a particular Force occupying a particular Place in the Triad (Process), and (3) manifestation of the Six Traids (Processes) in human activities, and their connection with Body-Types and Enneagram.

Personal Work:
This section of the book give an overall idea of the broad landscape of the work on oneself: study of Man-Machine, beginning of work on oneself, basic essentials of the work, study of the inner divisions of man, and development of Steward.

It discusses in detail consciousness, Self-Remembering and various practical methods of approaching consciousness - the ‘1st conscious shock’. It also discusses conscience, distinguishing real and unnecessary suffering, sacrificing unnecessary suffering and transforming real suffering - the ‘2nd conscious shock’.

Universal laws and Cosmology:
This section of the book deals with the fundamental eternal universal laws governing man and the universe, the Ray of Creation and Five ever-existing eternal Entities. It deals with cosmology in detail, unfolding a Model of the Universe from the combined view point of ancient knowledge and findings of modern science, and also the place of a human being in the entire scheme of the universe. It also deals with Body-Types, Center of Gravity and Health-Prakriti in detail along with inter-connections among the human psyche, Astrology and Ayurveda.

Various Syntheses:
This section of the book deals with a higher method of learning and synthesizes the Law of Three of the 4th Way with the Hindu idea of Triguna, and also looks at the Three Forces from the point of view of modern science, and how to practically work on inner Three Forces. It also synthesizes the 4th Way and Patanjali-Astang-Yoga, and looks at Patanjali-Astang-Yoga from the 4th Way point of view and resultant unfolding of a more comprehensive and clear picture of the Work.

Human being and Karma:
This section of the book discusses the human organism as a chemical factory producing and using various grades of energies, qualities of various impressions (matter entering the human organism through the five senses) and their effect on human organism, and also about what various types of hydrogen exactly mean in connection with the human organism. Further, it discusses the science of Karma: Karma-Vikarma-Akarma, Karma-Yoga, and the relation among Karma, destiny and spiritual evolution. It also deals with attracting the better aspects of one's luck.

Deeper and sustained Work on Oneself:
This section of the book discusses certain esoteric ideas concerning the work on a deeper level, like various laws governing human actions and their consequences, the synthesis of the Hindu idea of Brahmi state with the Sufi idea of Fana, and it also studies the Six Processes, Shat-Chakras (and its connection with Body-Types), Kundabuffer and the Enneagram in detail.

As Within so Without:
This section of the book discusses the manifestation of energies of various grades (Worlds) in the human organism and its practical implications, and also about the Artificial Intelligence (AI). It discusses correspondence between material and spiritual phenomena, the ancient knowledge vis-à-vis modern science, and the inter-connectedness of various Sciences in the organic whole.
Some of the Reviews about the book posted on Amazon
This is a book to read again and to keep on hand as a compass. It can be useful for all of those who seek not only to understand but also to put into practice these ideas in their lives. It is clear, well written, simple and fully corresponds to the teaching I received. It seems itself a photograph of one of those moments of clarity that the author so well describes. I really appreciate the effort of clarity and simplicity.

In addition, it transmits the correct appreciation of the matter, a tangible joy of being part of it, so that, by reading the book, one goes right in tune with the sacred fire, which is burning silently from within it.
- Laura Pennacchia, Rome, Italy 

On the whole I found this book very useful, and useful is high praise coming from me. The author's ability to explain difficult concepts is the book's great strength, and he is particularly adept at organizing into clear order metaphysical ideas that many might find abstruse and ungraspable. I enjoyed learning from him. The diagrams were welcome as the exposition was intellectually dense enough to profit from frequent small breaks into a more visual mode. Because it was new to me, I have some reservations about the discussion of the Six Processes (my understanding of them coming from Rodney Collin in The Theory of Celestial Influence), but the author openly notes that his analysis of the Processes is a new direction, not found in current Fourth Way material. The overall synthesis of the Fourth Way with Hindu/Sufi ideas was powerful and helped me clarify some perturbing fogginess I have been having with concepts of the character of higher worlds.
- John Craig, Oregon House, CA USA

Saying that I really enjoyed reading the book is an understatement...My thought process was utterly changed and I was really at a deeper level of peace while reading this book! I ordered Mohan’s other book, All and Everything in Diagrams and have started to read it as well. I plan to re-read the first book again to see if I can recreate that same experience of peace. It was really quite different than anything I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for writing these books. I am so grateful for this work.
                                                                                                                                                                                        - Ms. Sarah Claggett, Brea, California, USA

I was almost tempted to give it just four stars, but that would have been my own subjectivity, a personal desire right now to get to the simplicity that lies at the heart of all true religions and systems. For that reason I find myself less interested in all the ramifications, complexities and terminologies that Mohan does so well to explain. Even so, there is nothing in the material that I can find fault with, at least not in the parts that I can claim to understand.

Mohan's book is a very ambitious attempt to create a synthesis out of the spiritual systems of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky on the one hand and non-dualistic Hindu thought on the other. At the very least this gives a useful entry point to both systems and the clearest exposition I have yet seen to the many technical terms in Vedanta. The practical advice summarises a lot of what can also be found in the various writings of Peter Ouspensky, “In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of an Unknown Teaching.

In the end, though, no amount of words and theoretical concepts can help us if we do not take the practical advice and make the efforts that are required, and the best way to learn anything is to find a school that teaches it. You can't learn to do weights unless you go to the gym.
- Martin Dace, London, England (Illustrator of Milton Marmalade's philosophical novel with jokes: 'A Mermaid in the Bath')

Great work done by author. I have read just few chapters which contains useful knowledge for a true seeker. It brings you closer to your inner self. A multidimensional approach has been adopted by the author to make your inner work easier. I congratulate and appreciate the author for his great work. All readers should go for it. 

  - Vikram Singh Chauhan (Lecturer of Botany at Government Bangur PG Collage, Pali-Marwar)
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