Human Types

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Publisher: 5th Dimension Publication
Genre: Science and Spirituality
ISBN-13: 978-1976259265
ISBN-10: 1976259266
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: September 21, 2017
Language: English
No. of Pages: 115 pages
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About the Book
Basically this work is an endeavor to synthesize the Fourth Way ideas of Body-Type and Center of Gravity, the Ayurvedic idea of Health-Prakriti and the Indian astrological ideas, and connected it with the organic whole of the spiritual (esoteric) knowledge according to its exact place and significance in that organic whole.

Body-Type signifies person’s basic inherent nature, f0r example, one person is naturally inclined towards fine arts since his childhood, another person has no interest in it, but is a natural fighter, and still another is naturally inclined for helping others. One person has a natural ability to communicate well, another is not so, but has natural ability for doing business well. Planetary influences constitute the Body-Type.

The step by step study of: (1) the intrinsic nature of the Inner Three Forces (Sattv, Rajas and Tamas), (2) what it means and signifies that a particular inner force (Sattv, Rajas or Tamas) is occupying the specific place (1st place, 2nd place or the 3rd place) in the Triad, (3) the operation, its significance and intricacy of each of the Six Triads (Processes) separately, and (4) grasping that how the Six Triads (Processes) is the key factor in forming the basic constitution of the Body-Types, is a breakthrough, a kind of code creaking thing in understanding and overcoming the limitations of one’s Body-Type and acquiring the strengths of other Body-Types.

Mind-Type (Center of Gravity) signifies person’s natural outlook towards the world, for example, for one person ideas are most important, for another inter personal relationships are most important, for another the pleasure of movement is more important, and for still another the sensual pleasure and physical comfort is more important. Certain people naturally have controlled attention, certain have fascinated attention, and certain have wavering attention.

The study of Human Types from this angle not only help one to understand and deal with oneself and others well, but also helps and provides a direction for the spiritual evolution on right basis.


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