O Lovely 'Now'

O lovely 'Now', ever you come to notice?
So quietly you step that your swift's unseen;
You elude in Past's repent or Future's wish;
O slippery like an eel, against you who can win?

All lures rest in you, only through you they lure.
In your unheeded voyage lures hide their life, 
Still leaving your treasure hidden and pure,
O cunning witness of all turbulent strife!

Thinking the best use, O seed of all wealth,
I'd spent you, ere now, in taking the pain less.
But when I looked for inner shrine where HE dwell'th,
You revealed the secret making me speechless:

"True treasure lies in being stilled in Me;
On this lane ahead, lie HIS Home and HE."

© Mohan Vaishnav 

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