Thy Mystic Mood

When I pray to have strength in my heart
To play life's role as does the actor in a play;
That's like, a child who's cleaned a piece of art
And hopes to get a crown of gold as pay,

Or a student who has just started to learn
And hopes to do what his master cannot!
O my naive heart, discern this, and it do earn
By labor of love, "What's the worth of a mere thought?"

But, tonight thou wert mad in a mystic mood,
Gavest in such a divine carefree drunkard state
A key, "Don't try to hard and also don't brood,
Let my glimpse emerge that'll open each gate.

I love him, who's conscious of his smallness,
And still doesn't pity it - that's real greatness."

© Mohan Vaishnav 

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