Blissful Inner Mating

I used to wonder, why all wise thoughts
Turn out to be only castles in the air?
When most needed, they all become like dots
Though, in fair weather they seem very fair!

And also, the unruly horse of heart pulls the body-cart
Not heeding the command of the driver-mind.
Save that, the lazy body often grips the heart
And indulges sloth, blurring the in-eye blind.

But, once, amid thy light, lasted a flash of thought:
"Behold! Now no more cheating, no more hating,
And no more hurting," which, clearing the clot,
Has revealed the secret of blissful mating:

Amid thy light, the thought when held at throat
Takes the root, and soon its fruits would be brought.

© Mohan Vaishnav 

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