Sweet Unrest

In view of trifle smallness of my being,
How would I stand when you'll present yourself?
As the tryst-night neared, stilling my musing
It made my nights sleepless and weary the self.

I wondered here and there in sweet unrest;
How could I hold that you promissed to meet!
But the core of my heart was at its best.
I feared other's scorn, though scorned their wit!

Ah, tonight you mutely came, filled my heart
With such taintless love that's too winy to sense;
Could of it be writ even a part?
But, you made it look, as if you had fun immense!

You promised to come again, for ever, didn't you?
Come, O love, and dwell in my heart ever new.

© Mohan Vaishnav 

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