Place and Connectedness of various Sciences 

Place and Connectedness of various Sciences in the Organic Whole

In the Organic Whole of physical and spiritual (psychological) structure of man and the Universe, various Sciences occupy specific place in the following way:

(1) in the process of creation of World3 (Universes, each containing multitudes of galaxies and nebulas), World6 (Galaxies and nebulas within the Universe), and World12 (Solar systems within the galaxy) the principles of particle and nuclear physics are involved, (2) in the process of creation of World24 (Planetary sphere) the principles of Chemistry are involved, (3) in the process of creation of World48 (Organic Life on Earth including human being) the mysterious combination of Chemistry, Biology and Chaitanya (the life-force) is involved, (4) for understanding inter-connection among various Worlds (Cosmoses) through dimensions of space and time, the overall (in a nutshell) knowledge of higher mathematical aspect of infinity is required (5) for understanding relative place and the physical mass of various Worlds (Astronomical Bodies), the scientific study of Astronomy is required (6) for understanding psychological structure and physical health of human being, the connected and combined knowledge of Ayurveda, Psychology and Astrology is required.

Further, connected and combined practical knowledge of these Sciences in a nutshell in above manner, along with the practice of Yoga (that is, practice of inner tools of spiritual evolution according to whatever way/path one is following) and the objective esoteric knowledge (spirituality), is essential for understanding the place, spiritual potential, purpose of life of the human being, and for attaining the inner-freedom.

All such connected knowledge may help one to see how one is placed relative to the Entire Existence, what one’s psychological structure is, what one’s inner hidden potential as human being is, and still how tiny one is, and how useless one’s Ego is. And such realized understanding may shade away many unnecessary burdens of dogmas and faulty thinking from one’s psyche and help one to see oneself in perspective, and help one to see the spirituality in right and in scientific way.

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