Dimensions of Space and Time

 Dimensions of Space and Time

Basically Space and Time are two aspects of the same thing, a continuum. The relation between two dimensions, that is, relation between time and space, is zero (0) to infinity (n), and the connecting link between the two is speed; when the speed approaches the speed of light, the difference between time and space, between two dimensions disappears and it becomes one for the object (or perception) having that speed.

Man has a three dimensional view, that is, man can see three dimensions of a thing in space, i.e., at a time. As the relation between the two progressive dimensions is that of zero to infinity, the 1st dimension is a line, infinity of points; the 2nd dimension is a surface, infinity of lines; the 3rd dimension is a solid, infinity of surfaces; the 4th dimension is infinity of solids. For us movement of a solid occurs in time, we can see the 4th dimension occurring in time, and for us the passage of our time is the 4th dimension. The 5th dimension is a solid's infinity's infinity, for us the 5th dimension is our Eternity. The 6th dimension is All, where all possibilities are realized and fulfilled (including the creation and fulfillment of new ones); for us the 6th dimension is our infinite Eternities.

Physically each Cosmos has view of one dimension higher than the immediate lower Cosmos, due to the fact that the higher cosmos has an enormously huge expanse of perception or an enormous speed of perception than the lower cosmos. For example, if we take a man as point then its infinity (entire mankind and organic life taken together) is a line, the next higher dimension. Man has a view of one dimension higher than Cell, the Nature has view of one dimension higher than Man, and the Earth has view of one dimension higher than Nature and two dimensions higher than man, and so on.

The relation between cross-section and the larger body

A cross-section of the immediate higher Cosmos represents the present visible world for that lower Cosmos e.g., what we see in this moment as our present visible world is a cross-section of the Earth. In the same way, a cross-section of human body represents the present visible world for cells. Cross-sections higher up are the future (coming into being moment to moment), and cross-sections lower down are the past (what has happened and gone).

To understand the relation between cross-section and the larger body, let us take an example of series of photos constituting a movie. In the movie 24 photos (frames) pass in front of our eyes in a series per second and gives us the impression of motion. Each individual still photo in the movie is a cross-section of the larger cosmos of that movie. In other words, the cosmos of that movie is made up of numerous photos (cross-sections) taken in a series at a rate of 24 frames per second. If one has not viewed that particular movie (cosmos), then one can not recognize that this particular photo (a cross-section) is part of that movie, and can not understand the exact place which it occupies in that movie. In our example, viewing individual still frame is one dimension, and viewing those all frames in movie form is its next higher dimension.

Seeing the next higher dimension in space

Man's 4th dimension (Man's passage of time) is the 3rd dimension for the Earth i.e., the Earth can see whole life of Man in space. The Earth’s 4th dimension (Earth’s passage of time and Man’s Eternity) is the 3rd dimension for the Sun i.e., the Sun can see the whole life of the Earth and Eternity of Man in space. The Sun's 4th dimension (the Sun’s passage of time, Earth's Eternity and Man’s All possibilities) is the 3rd dimension for the Galaxy i.e., the Galaxy can see whole life of the Sun, Eternity of the Earth and Man's all possibilities in space, and so on.

To understand what it means to see the next higher dimension in space, we will take an allegory of the ‘Process of writing a book’. The process of writing a book happens in time (as a passage of time, in the 4th Dimension). Let us take the entire process of writing a book as the LIFE of the ‘Writing Process’. It passes through the stages of writing a manuscript, editing, its printing, binding and then it becomes available in Book form. The Book is culmination of the entire process, that is, the culmination of the entire LIFE of the ‘Writing Process’. The BOOK is that process’s 4th Dimension visible at a time.

Now suppose that book has been revised 100 times and have 100 revised editions, then each edition is one life of the ‘Writing Process’, and 100 editions is the Eternity of the ‘Writing Process’. If the copy of each edition is placed in front of us, we can see the entire life of the ‘writing process’ in BOOK form (the 4th Dimension of the ‘Writing Process’), and we can also see all 100 editions of the BOOK at a time (the 5th Dimension, the Eternity of 100 lives of the ‘Writing Process’).

Let us take the entire Writing Process as a life of a human being. The Earth can see the entire life of a human (the human’s 4th Dimension), as we can see the entire Writing Process at a time, in BOOK form. The Sun can see the entire Eternity of a human (the human being’s 5th Dimension) at a time, as we can see all 100 editions of the BOOK at a time.

Another example: A brick has 3 dimensions, the wall is the brick’s 4th dimension, the building is the brick’s 5th dimension (Eternity), and the city is the brick’s 6th dimension (infinite Eternities, all possibilities).

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