Inter-relation among various Cosmoses

Inter-relations among various Cosmoses

Man is at the mid-point of the entire scheme of the cosmoses. Inter-relation between various cosmoses may be summarized in following way:

Man is the Universe for basic particles

Man is the Galaxy for the nucleus

Man is the Sun for Electron

Man is the Earth for Molecules

Man is the Nature for Cells               

Man is the Cell for the Nature

Man is the Molecule for the Earth

Man is the Electron for the Sun

Man is the nucleus for the Galaxy

Man is a basic particle for the Universe 

As evidenced by modern science, the human body is constituted of innumerous independently living body cells. They all live comfortably like we are living here. The physical mass of all of them together form a living human body, but cells can not directly see Man as we see ourselves. For the body’s cells a cross-section of human body is their visible world. In the same way we all human beings and the entire organic life constitute a living being, our Earth. The multitude of all known and unknown planets constitute a living being, the Sun. Likewise the Milky Way and the Universe.

A cross-section of the next higher cosmos is the visible world for the lower cosmos. As like a human body cell cannot see the living human body as we see ourselves, we cannot see the Earth as the living Earth sees itself, what we see of the Earth is only a cross-section of its living body. And what we see as Sun is but a cross-section of a cross-section of its living body.

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