Principle of Life and Matter

 Principle of Life and Matter (Jad-Chidatmak and Jad)

Let us try to understand what is living (
Jad-Chidatmak) and what is non-living (Jad) matter from the view point of various cosmoses. Like all other aspects, the concept of living and non-living is also relative. On the Earth we take Organic Life as living, and buildings and other such material things as non-living, and this is very much true from the view point of humans, but from the point of view of the Earth, all material things and entire Organic Life is part of its whole body, and so, for the Earth as a living being everything that we see here on Earth is alive, but such aliveness of the entire body of the Earth is due to its connectedness with an alive entity living in and encompassing the entire body of the Earth, like, our entire body is living due to its connectedness with human level Jiva living in and encompassing the entire human body, when that human level Jiva leaves body at the time of death, the entire body becomes non-living Jad matter.

For us our entire body is a living organism, but for constituent cells all moving cells like blood cells, lymph cells etc. may be  living ones and stationary cells like that of muscles and other organs may be non-living ones, like we here have mountains, natural lakes etc.!  Here, on the Earth (i.e., within the Earth's body) there are criminals, crime and spoilage activity, in the same way within the human body there are diseases and disease spreading cells.

Likewise, for the Earth, the other Planets, Asteroids and space objects that we consider moving, may be living and the stationary molecular matter may be non-living material, which in turn is also a part of the body of the Sun, and so for the Sun as a living being everything existing within our Solar System is alive, and so on. For the Absolute (AksharBrahm), everything is living. The life (Chaitanya) can manifest only in and through Jad-Chidatmak (fusion of life and matter) form.

In connection with the connectedness of things and correspondence of things between a human being and the Earth, Leonardo da Vinci observed and wrote:

 “Man was called microcosmos by the ancients, and surely the term was well chosen: for just as man is composed of earth, water air and fire, so is the body of the earth."

"As man has bones as support and framework for flesh, so the earth has rocks as support for the soil; as man carries a lake of blood in which the lungs inflate and deflate in respiration, so the body of the earth has the ocean which waxes and wanes every six hours in a cosmic respiration.  As the veins emanate from the lake of blood and are ramified throughout the human body, in the same way, the ocean fills the blood of the earth with an infinity of veins of water. “

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