Mathematics and Dimensions

Mathematics and Dimensions

In mathematics the Infinity shows the relation between two dimensions of a thing in question. The relation between two dimensions is zero (0) to infinity (n).

A line is an infinity of points (that is, when an infinite number of points are placed in a direction, it becomes a line), and it’s the 1st dimension of a thing. Infinity of lines is a plane or surface, and it’s the 2nd dimension of a thing. Infinity of planes is a solid, which is the 3rd dimension of a thing. In the same way, movement of a solid appears to us in time, so, Infinity of a solid is 4th dimension, which appears to us as passage of time. In this way, infinity explains the relation between various dimensions of space and time.

As per the current available mathematical knowledge there is no formula or concept to measure the difference between various infinities of the same order, for example, at present there is no mathematical formula to measure the difference between an Infinity of points in 1 foot long line, the Infinity of points in a 100 feet long line and the Infinity of points in a 100 kilometer long line. 

Of course, in the next higher dimension such difference is measurable provided the next higher dimension is already known. In the above example, we can know and calculate the difference between 1 foot, 100 feet and 100 kilometers, because the next dimension (i.e., line) is known to us.  But, in the matter where next higher dimension is not known, current mathematical concept do not provide any formula to calculate the difference between various Infinities of the same order.

The fundamental question for research is, can there exist a mathematical formula to calculate difference between various Infinities of the same order, so that, by calculating the extent of such difference, that mathematical formula can provide certain clues as to the next higher dimension of the thing in question? In other words, can there be a precise mathematical formula to know how the thing will unfold in the next higher dimension, that is, how it will unfold in time to come? 

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