Mathematics of Human Perception of Higher Dimensions


Mathematics of human perception of higher Dimensions

When the perception (or the breadth of consciousness) encompasses a larger scale of time and its contents (that is, movement or happenings within that time) it becomes space, in the sense that one can perceive and see all the movement and happenings within that time as existing simultaneously. So it doesn't appear as occurring in time, but appears as all existing simultaneously in space. For example, when one walks in a narrow zigzag lane, one views the things lying on the lane as coming in time as he passes by them, and when he can't see them he takes them as gone in the past. But a person who is standing on a top of a mountain from where entire narrow zigzag lane is visible clearly, for that person things lying on the lane are not coming in time (i.e., coming in the moment) and going in past, they all are existing simultaneously and are visible to him in space.

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