Physics of the Creation of the Universe

Physics of creation of the material aspect of the Universe

In the physical side of the Creation process the Temperature acts as the Active force (1
st force), the ‘Energy Binding Mechanism’ acts as the Passive force (2nd force) and the Time/Space acts as the Neutralizing force (3rd force), effecting reduction in the Temperature by passage of time and thereby creating various grades of matter and various Worlds (Cosmoses) of progressive levels.

On Material side, due to the Energy Binding Mechanism, the matter aspect becomes denser and grosser, and the energy aspect becomes less and less manifest as it devolves on each next stage of Creation. However, at the Absolute (
World1) level, there is no Space-Time or Energy-Matter duality, so everything is Chidakash (sublime alive illumined nothingness).

Various Cosmic Levels

The Cosmic levels of World1 means the Absolute, the AksharBrahm (i.e., Existence, Non-existence, Manifest and Unmanifest, all taken together); World3 means our Universe (i.e., known and unknown multitude of Nebulas and Galaxies, all taken together); World6 means our Galaxy, the Milky Way (i.e., all Suns taken together); World12 means our Solar System; World24 means Planetary Sphere (All Planets); World48 means Organic Life on Earth, and World96 means Moon.

All these cosmic levels are living beings, having functions (i.e., to move, to think, to feel, to have sensations) and consciousness in their own way.

Energy Binding Mechanism

On the material, physical side Maya (web of eternal universal laws) manifests as the ‘Energy Binding Mechanism’ of progressive order. At Universe level (of 1st order) it manifests as ‘Particle Binding Mechanism’, at Galaxy level (of 2nd order) as ‘Nucleus Binding Mechanism’, at Solar level (of 3rd order) as ‘Electron Binding Mechanism’, and at Planetary Sphere level (of 4th order) as ‘Chemical Bonding Mechanism’.

The energy that is locked up in the ‘Particle Binding Mechanism’ is of the highest order. The energy locked up in Nucleus Binding Mechanism is on the order of a million times greater than the energy locked up in Electron Binding Mechanism. Mass is nothing but the sum total of locked up energy.

Creation of various cosmic levels in the Universes

Creation of Universes

This being a descending octave there is an interval between note ‘Do’ (the Absolute) and note ‘Si’ (World3, the Universe), which is bridged by the Will of THE ALMIGHTY  in terms of entry of the time element, the 1st Grade Time (Big Bang phenomenon in modern scientific terms), the beginning of space-time and Chaitanya-Jad duality.

The passage of this time becomes the next level of Space. This Space brings the Temperature down to the point where the ‘Energy Binding Mechanism' comes into existence, Locking up a tremendous amount of energy from the system, marking the beginning of energy-matter duality, the beginning of formation of mass/matter in the free-basic-particle state, which contains all the possibilities, we may call it the God particle or by whatever other name. Mass is nothing but the locked up energy, but here the proportion of mass (matter) to energy is negligibly low.

Within this space, the play of free-basic-particle-energy creates the 1st grade of the energy field (which may be called the Higgs field) as the movement of energy creates a field around it. This culminates into creation of infinite World3, all around the AbsoluteOne World3 means one Universe. The Big Bang marks the beginning of 1st Grade Time, the time (life) of our Universe. Such infinite Big Bangs or such phenomena create infinite Universes – one Big Bangs or such phenomenon for creation of each Universe.

Creation of Galaxies

With further passage of time in World3, the Temperature comes further down, and the formation of the free photon, protons, antiproton, neutrons, antineutrons, electrons and positron etc, (a range of basic particles), takes place; also the ‘Nucleus Binding Mechanism’ comes into existence, by which a tremendous amount of energy from the system gets locked up in the mechanism of binding protons and neutrons together into the Nucleus, overcoming mutual repulsion of protons, which reflects as, what is called in Nuclear Physics, the mass defect.

This process culminates into entry of 2nd Grade Time (i.e., a sub-time within the Time of World3) and the creation of numerous World6 (Galaxies), having matter in a nuclear state, and having its own time. Due to locking up of energy via the ‘Nucleus Binding Mechanism’, the nuclear matter becomes grosser than free-basic-particle matter. At the World6 level a nucleus of any element can at any time become the nucleus of any other element, e.g., a Nucleus of hydrogen can at any time become a nucleus of oxygen or a nucleus of iron can any time become a nucleus of gold, and so on.

Creation of Suns (Stars)

With passage of World6’s Time, the Temperature comes down further, and a further considerable amount of energy from the system gets locked in the mechanism of binding electrons around the nucleus (that is, Electron Binding Energy) to form atoms of various elements.

This process culminates into the entry of 3rd Grade Time (i.e., a sub-time within the Time of World6) and the creation of numerous World12 (Suns), having matter in an atomic state, and having its own time. Due to further locking up of energy in the ‘Electron Binding Mechanism’, the atomic matter becomes grosser than the nuclear matter.

Creation of Planetary Sphere

With the passage of World12’s Time, the Temperature comes still further down, and a certain further amount of energy gets locked in the mechanism of binding atoms together by Chemical Bonds caused by the electromagnetic force forming molecules of various chemical compounds.

This process culminates into the entry of 4th Grade Time (i.e., a sub-time within the Time of World12) and creation of World24 (planetary sphere), having matter in molecular state, and having its own time. Due to further locking up of energy in ‘Chemical Bonding Mechanism’, the molecular matter becomes grosser than the atomic matter.

At World24 (Planetary sphere) level the molecule of one chemical compound can at any time become the molecule of another chemical compound containing atoms of same elements but with a different structure, which we artificially produce here on Earth by the process of chemical reactions.

Creation of Organic Life and Humanity 

With the passage of World 24’s time, by the fusion of molecular matter with Jiva (life principle), the cellular (Jad-Chidatmak - life and matter fused together) matter comes into being. This process culminates into the entry of 5th Grade Time, the human time (i.e., a sub-time within the Time of World24) and creation of World48 (Organic life on Earth, the Nature, of which a human being is a part), having matter in the cellular state, and having its own time. Also molecules solidify into Solid Matters.

The Moon is World 96, acting as a balance weight for the Organic life and Earth.

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