Place and luck of human being in the entire Scheme of Cosmoses

Place and luck of the human being in the entire Scheme of Cosmoses

Now let us try to understand the place of human being in the entire scheme of cosmoses, and try to understand our luck as being born as human beings.

As understood earlier, the human being is at mid-point in the whole scheme of Cosmoses. Below the human being in the scheme of Cosmoses are cell, molecule, electron, nucleus and elementary basic particles (by whatever name we may call them); and above him is Nature, the Earth and the other planets, the Sun, the Milky Way (our Galaxy) and The Universe (a multitudes of Galaxies and nebulas, taken together).

It is said time and again in various esoteric writings that man is made in the Image of the God. Each and every material and energy that exists in the Universe also exist in a human being in different proportions as a matter of his basic constitution. To be born as a human being is a great luck, it is said that even gods wish to be born as human beings because a human being has the potential to evolve fully (but only when one realizes it and make right and sufficient efforts to materialize it).

But generally we take our being born as human for granted, for example, we take the electricity for granted; we switch on/off a light, fan, air-conditioner or any other electric apparatus, but never take a pause to realize that behind such a simple act of switching on/off, what amount of tremendous research work and taming of higher material energy has gone into!

When we can re-alive in ourselves this feeling of awe, whenever and wherever possible, by just trying to pause and realize what has really gone on behind the things; it will give our being a certain humility, depth and ability to grasp more. We all human beings are much luckier than we generally think.

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