Properties of matter at various Cosmic levels in the Universe

Properties of matter at various cosmic levels in the Universe

As matter degrades from a higher cosmic level to a lower level, its properties become more and more fixed, and so, its possibilities become more and more limited. E.g.,  due to the progressive Energy Binding Mechanism when a basic-free-particle (God particle) gets
locked into a Proton, then into a Nucleus, then into a Atom, then into a Molecule (say, into a molecule of water, H2O), at each stage that basic-free-particle’s property and possibility becomes more and more fixed and limited; fixed and limited in the sense that that the basic-free-particle (God particle) contained in a Molecule of Water now cannot become part of an Atom of gold or part of a Nucleus of platinum.

As such the energy and the matter (mass) are two aspects of the same thing, the matter of a particular cosmos is energy for lower cosmoses, e.g., a nucleus is matter at World6 but the same is energy for World12. So, the grossest matter contains in itself enormous unmanifested energy (that is, energy locked up in the Energy Binding Mechanism) as explained by Albert Einstein in E=Mc².

When the matter is brought back to the higher level by special efforts, energy of that level is released e.g., when atoms are split, the atomic energy is released; and in the process of fusion/fission of two or more atomic nucleus, the nuclear energy is released.  For example, the invention and explosion of hydrogen bomb is the creation of World12 material energy on the Earth. In other words, the creation of a hydrogen bomb amounts to creation of miniature sun on the Earth.

If and when the science will advance to the point where it can bring back matter to the controlled and manipulable fluid nuclear state, it would be able to convert iron into gold; this would be like creation of a miniature galaxy on Earth.

A combined reading of the Law of Three, the principle of Scale & Relativity, Space-Time duality, Energy-Matter duality and the idea of AksharBrahm, along with the material that we already have in the field of physics and chemistry, unfolds into the above overall picture of the Material aspect of the Creation of the Universe, and at the same time it synthesizes, connects and places various information at its exact relative place in the entire picture of the whole.

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